But what are you going to do about webhosting?

Do you want to be rewarded for giving your client's excellent web hosting — with no hassle for you?

  • We don't offer web hosting ...

    It’s easy to offer website hosting and leave all the responsiblity with the client. Guess who they will call when a plugin breaks, or a site is attacked?

    We offer website maintenance and support. We make sure the website keeps working, and is secure from spammers and is regularly backed up.

  • All of our website maintenance plans include the essentials

    If  your client is prepared to pay to have a website then they need three basics to keep their website secure:

    • regular updates of all core software (WordPress, Themes, Plugins)
    • regular security checks to ensure that the site is not hacked or otherwise compromised
    • regular off-site backups so if something does go horribly wrong the website can be up and running again as soon as possible.
  • We track websites's marketing performance

    Website should be a key marketing tool — not just a brochure. 

    Whether you are advertising in social media or trying to visible in the search engines to your potential customers — tracking and reporting is a key part of the marketing equation. 

    We offer monthly reports on website visitors and keyword rankings, and we do it at a cost-effective price for small business owners. 

  • Your clients deal with us direct or we can white label — your choice

    You can be your client’s one-stop shop, or you can have them deal direct with us. Your choice. 

  • Peace of mind for you and your clients

    We have plenty of experience dealing with the day-to-day details of WordPress hosting.  We can answer questions in the NZ timezone — but also have 24/7 backup from our hosting provider. 


  • Software Updates

  • Backups

  • Security

  • Performance

  • Analytics

  • SEO Rankings


  • 1

    You offer our services

    You recommend our website maintenance plans to your customer.

  • 2

    We offer your client a discount

    We give you a personalised discount code so that your client gets a 33% discount from our standard pricing guaranteed for 3 years. 

  • 3

    You send the client's website to us

    You package the WordPress install and forward it to us.

  • 4

    We install your client's website

    We setup your client’s website on our hosting — you approve it — and you convert the nameservers to the new hosting. 

  • 5

    Your client's website is LIVE

    Your client’s website is live. You have continued access to WordPress administration. 

  • 6

    We pay you commission

    We pay you a commission of up to 3 months of plan charges for clients who sign up for 12 months.