Website Maintenance Plans Details

The nitty gritty for the technical people, and/or those who just gotta know.

Software Updates

WordPress is powerful website software but it is also complex and has frequent updates. Out-of-date software is the number one way hackers gain access to websites. We ensure all software is updated regularly including 

  • WordPress core
  • WordPress themes 
  • WordPress plugins 

Clients receiving a monthly report will see a summary of updates to their website. 


Flawless backups that work if you ever need them. 

  • Regularly scheduled backup (monthly, weekly, daily depending on your plan). 
  • Off-site storage.
  • Quick restore if required. 

Clients receiving a monthly report will see a summary of their website’s backup schedule.


If your website does become vulnerable to hackers we need to know asap. A security check ensures that your website doesn't inadvertently get blacklisted because of malware.  

Clients who receive a monthly report will get a summary of security checks including threats identified, any know weaknesses, and any sites that may have blacklisted your website. 


Gives you an insight to how fast your website loads, with details and suggestions  on what needs approving. Regular performance checks are good practice particularly when you are regularly updating content on your website. 

Google Analytics

Google analytics is the best website tracking for most businesses. If you have Google analytics installed then we can include 

Clients who receive a monthly report will get a summary  of their website visitors  including numbers of sessions, page views, traffic to individual pages, and performance against previous months. This gives you a useful snapshot of your website’s visitors. 

Requires a Google Analytics account and Analytics connected to your website. 

SEO Rankings

Keywords are of limited value if you don’t know how you are ranking in Google for the terms your potential clients are using to find your website.  

Clients who receive a monthly report will be able to see a summary of up to 100 keywords including whether keyword ranking has changed up or down since last month, which are your top ranking keywords. Our reports also include your competitors — identifying the websites which most successfully compete for your keywords.