Based in Wellington, We Offer WordPress Technical Support, Web Design, and Branding

The faces behind Dear John are Kris Lockett and Lis Sowerbutts

kris lockett

Kris Lockett

Chief Designer and Typography Freak
Kris has been designing and building websites since the Internet was invented, well nearly, last century anyways, when flashing banners were cool...  Although the tools Kris uses have moved on from moveable hot press type - the principles of good design have not. Kris applies her design skills to not just websites but also logos, business cards and other marketing materials
lis sowerbutts

Lis Sowerbutts

WordPress and Techie Geek
When Lis wrote her first computer program, she punched holes in a card, put the cards in a shoebox, which the school sent away, to return the answer the next day. Lis has been developing websites since 2006, when WordPress was almost new. More importantly Lis has also spent many years trying to get technical geeks to speak in terms that humans could understand! She is passionate that technology should serve business, not the other way around!
Dear John NZ - Websites and Hosting

What's in a name

Why Dear John?

Dear John - what a weird name for a website company!  DJ as we call it, comes from that old, old song... no, not the Tailor Swift one, the one that featured on NZ TV in the days you couldn't fast-forward the commercials.

So yes websites should just work, but sometimes stuff happens and at Dear John we try to make even the bad times sound good!

Dear John NZ is a  "trading as" name - our NZ registered company is DIY Publishing Ltd Our  NZ Business Number (NZBN) is 9429041428726