Got a Blackmail Demand — Hacked Your Website Email?

There’s a scam going around at the moment. One of our clients got it via a “contact us” form, but its also been seen as an unsolicited email. The gist of the email is that they have  hacked your database and are going to destroy your site’s reputation — they appear to be demanding US$2000…

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headlines and leads grab attention

Optimising A Blog Post for SEO — Titles and Meta description

NB  this blog post assumes you are using the SEOPress Pro plugin. We provide this free to all our website design and care plan clients. Meta Titles and Descriptions — Controlling What Google shows Your meta title and description together create what is know as a “snippet” — that’s what shows in Google if you…

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Chinese Domain Name Spam Email

Someone has bought your China domain name scam

We are not the only NZ business to get this email — for a scam — it’s well written, and looks vaguely legit. Particularly for the non-techie business owner who may freak out that someone is trying to steal their company name. So let’s unpack what they are actually saying here. They are claiming that…

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content strategy how to

Content Marketing for New Zealand Businesses

Think about these scenarios: Ngaire runs a landscaping business. She wants a few more clients in your area. So around 6pm one Friday, when you are the middle of cooking tea, her cold-call company calls you to see if you’d like to talk to her about landscaping your garden. Now you have been thinking about…

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Don't Fall For this Email Scam

Got the Porn Blackmail Email Scam? How Do They Know My Email Password?

Saturday morning, not too early, on account of the party the night before, I check my email. Not happy to discover my business partner’s email has been hacked! Given we host the email, very much unhappy about it. In fact I had to spend more than 10sec to work out that it’s a scam. What…

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https security

Does Your Business Website Need SSL?

Short answer: Yes. But what on earth is SSL? I could talk to you about an added encryption layer of SSL/TLS to protect the traffic, but let’s just focus on why it matters to business owners, and leave the geekery to me and other geeks. SSL is the technology that changes a website’s address from…

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Sinking ship

Vodafone is Closing Your Email — Now What?

Many  years ago I had an email account which ended with Overseas friends thought it was cool that someone living in NZ lived in “paradise”. Paradise was our internet provider at the time (subsequently bought by Clear, who in turn were bought by Vodafone). At  some point I moved and changed providers — and…

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