And we keep it that way

  • Websites need ongoing care and attention

    You wouldn't pay a garden designer to design and install a beautiful garden and then not maintain it would you? If you hate gardening as much as I do - you'd pay someone to maintain your lovely new garden and keep it looking its best. 

    Websites need on-going care and attention too.  So you have a choice - you can do the mowing yourself, or hire  professionals with the right tools. 

    If you sign up for our website care plans we worry about your website being up and running and serving your business, and you don't have to.  We make sure the website keeps working, and is secure from spammers and is regularly backed up.

  • All of our website care plans include the essentials

    If  your client is prepared to pay to have a website then they need three basics to keep their website secure:

    • regular updates of all core software (WordPress, Themes, Plugins)
    • regular security checks to ensure that the site is not hacked or otherwise compromised
    • regular off-site backups so if something does go horribly wrong the website can be up and running again as soon as possible.
  • We track websites's marketing performance

    Website should be a key marketing tool — not just a brochure. 

    Whether you are advertising in social media or trying to visible in the search engines to your potential customers — tracking and reporting is a key part of the marketing equation. 

    We offer monthly reports on website visitors and keyword rankings, and we do it at a cost-effective price for small business owners. 

  • We are real people - we speak your language

    We understand New Zealand business, because we are one!  We are a real people  who answer the phone and emails. We live in your time zone. We've also been maintaining and running websites for over 20 years - we know what we're doing. 

    We partner with a large USA-based company who provides the computers your website runs on.

    If we can't fix the problem we call them and they fix it. And we run our own websites with the same company, because they are good and we trust them. 

  • Peace of mind

    We have plenty of experience dealing with the day-to-day details of WordPress hosting.  We can answer questions in the NZ timezone — but also have 24/7 backup from our hosting provider. 


  • Software Updates

  • Backups

  • Security

  • Performance

  • Analytics

  • SEO Rankings


  • 1

    You sign off on your website

    We are all agreed your website  can go live. 

  • 2

    Chose a Maintenance Plan

    You chose which level of website maintenance  plan your business requires. 

  • 3

    We make it live!

    We make  your website live - normally done out of hours or over the weekend depending  on your business's circumstances.